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Blessed with the beauty and bounty of forests and hills, Wayanad is that special place mother nature has created for you. We have made the place even better by putting up a serene and tranquil homestay - Pepper Villa. The homestay is located at the placid village, Payyampally in Wayanad District. Pepper Villa is placed a few kilometers away from the important tourist spots, making sure that you have access to all the joys and pleasures of modern life even when you are leaning back and relaxing in an exotic place in a picturesque village.


When you are setting out take a trip through the mother nature’s special place, we are here to offer you a comfortable stay. When you step into Pepper Villa Homestay, you are greeted by smiling faces of a happy family. E.K.jose who is a long-established planter, his wife Mini Jose and their school going children Sneha and Sion are there to make sure that you enjoy every jiffy of your holiday. The homestay is built in line with the nature and offers all modern amenities that are required to make your stay a memorable one. Every bit of care is taken to ensure that you have a secure and happy stay.

The best part of the stay is the level of privacy and the service you experience. When it comes to the quality of services and standard of accommodation, we are second to none. Pepper Villa unveils a whole new world holidaying experience where living is perfectly harmonized with nature. Excellent dining, personalized services and cleanliness set us apart. From the moment you book yourself in our homestay, we take care of everything that you can enjoy every bit of your holiday. Breathe fresh air, feel the colourful flowers, mingle with lovely pets and enjoy the dazzling views of the valleys and cliffs from the comfort of your room at Pepper Villa. Be ready to reinvent yourself and rediscover the goodness of Mother Nature Pepper Villa.

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